Nobody #flawless has ever written “#flawless.”

harry is berry sad
Vincent Price in Drag

Only known footage from the 1939 opening of LA’s Union Station. In color, no less.

This was shot by Ward Kimball, one of Walt Disney’s “Nine Old Men,” close friend and huge train nerd. Judging by the quality of the film my guess is that he borrowed one of the studio’s camera’s to shoot this.

#tbt to when I found out they passed on my audition and chose Angie for Maleficent 



What’s up, everyone! How have you been? Did we ever find the plane?

With that, I am overjoyed to announce that my book SCIENCE…FOR HER! comes out NOVEMBER 4, 2014, published by Scribner.


Science…For Her! is a science textbook written by a lady (me) for other ladies (you, the Spice…

It was a simpler time.

Aaron Smith, “Abbot”, 2014, original ink on paper monoprint, 22” x 15”