Sense of optimism/wonder.

Responds to most names, images, concepts.

Last seen May 2000.

Chairs_Slit of Small axe

I went to a stuffy navel-gazing art event last night about Instagram hosted by art curator/historian Hans-Ulrich Obrist. John Badelsari was in the first row so that was cool. Anyway — the first slide of Obrist’s presentation had an image of a newspaper article about “#Shelfies” — the photograph they used in the article was from my instagram account (I posted #shelfie as a joke a while back.)

It came as a complete surprise and I immediately freaked out / felt immensely smug and validated…


People Falling at Disneyland.

Treats to make you howl, it’s Ice Cream from an owl!

I’m just looking for someone to hate pop art with.



Michael Wolf - Corner House

"The world is a beautiful place."
*removes Oculus Rift headset*

For a fun visualization of time, stare at a mirror for eighty years.


“I don’t always wear blue. Sometimes I wear turquoise.”


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