In recent years, for instance, the term “creative” has been captured by advertising agencies, who’ve bestowed on it a capital C and made it into a noun, a coveted job title meant to signify Mad Men–style braggadocio. But all this business-card-ready term usually denotes is someone who writes copy for Google AdWords or applies Photoshop filters to an image of an anatomically impossible woman in carnal embrace with a bottle of vodka.



"And there’s a nice little book on Picasso for you Laura.”

Arthur Watts, 1931.


*3D prints some friends.*

*Ignores their texts.*

"Technology is amazing."

"It’s Payback Time"


Don’t let reality get in the way of enjoying your Monday.

I’d like you to meet my goldfish.

Her name is Blobriella.

I’d like you to see the plastic tree she lives with

and the color of the rocks in her bowl.

"Paul Blart is a funny name! What does he do? A cop?? But at a mall!? Love it!!!" -2009

It gets better, but you’ll still be stressed out all the time.