Lucy’s only flaw was being unable to use 100% of her heart 😢

Remember when you were a kid and everything was new and you were filled with optimism and hope? Apple Inc.

Fantastic New Yorker profile of Brian Eno. Also see his Oblique Strategies, Eno’s creativity prompts from the 1970s, mentioned in the first paragraph of the piece. 
It’s interesting to consider the parallels with science, where not-knowing is also the building block of “composition,” or progress. 
Untitled from the series Route 66 Motels, 1973 — John Schott

"If everybody likes you, you’re pretty dull."

- Bette Davis

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Classist Classicist

The Cold War is so hot right now.

In the greater scheme of things, all fashion is fast fashion and every store is a pop-up.


Weeki Wachee visitors sit sixteen feet underwater and view Florida Mermaids in a performance that is unique in all the world.

An emoji to communicate “I have no idea what I’m doing.”